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Physical SWAG For Your Virtual Events!


Virtual Summit

Increase virtual summit attendees with a WOW experience of Physical Swag.  Stand out, increase the value of your summit offer, and strengthen connection with your attendees.   Increase conversions on your Post Summit Offer by WOWING them with Summit Swag!


Instantly boost engagement and profitability of your Virtual Conference with physical swag! Watch attendees  turn on their cameras, use their swag, and send your engagement through the roof!  Use your swag to lead your clients from the Virtual Conference to a high ticket sale.


Give the VIP experience to your Virtual Workshop attendees by sending them Physical Swag that makes learning fun and effective.  Reduce buyers remorse, increase prestige & professionalism and enhanced virtual experience with workshop Swag.


Deliver an over-the-top experience for your Virtual Mastermind tribe with the ultimate physical swag!  Raise the “WOW” Factor, add surprise & delight, while keeping your members paying and engaged.  Build your virtual community with physical swag.

Add Swag To Virtual Events

Why Swag

Create an unforgettable experience to stand out, increase conversions, monetize, and feel proud of your virtual event

who is
it for

Virtual Swag Bag is for YOU, the Virtual Event Host.  Whether you are hosting a Virtual Summit, Virtual Workshop, Virtual Mastermind, or Virtual Conference, we have the swag that will increase satisfaction, conversions, monetization, and make your virtual event unforgettable.

Four Easy Steps.

We create it, store it, and ship it

Step One

Select Your Virtual Event

Step Two

Choose a price that fits your budget.

Step Three

Pick your swag.

Step Four


Unforgettable experience

—————- for your virtual event

Recent Favorites

Check out some of the latest swag created on the Virtual Swag Bag platform

Swag Solutions

We make physical swag for virtual events simple and unforgettable. Give your virtual event the WOW factor with physical swag.

No Minimums

Ever feel “decision fatigue” while picking out your swag? Do you get annoyed by high minimums? We do too. We care about your experience. Instantly eliminate decision fatigue and annoying minimums with Virtual Swag Bag.

We Deliver For You

Yep, we send your swag for you! To anywhere in the world! We want to make your life easier as a Virtual Event Host and make your Virtual Event unforgettable with physical swag. So we’ll deliver it for you.

Pay Now (or Later)

You choose! Pay up front or pay each swag bag as your attendees register using our proprietary swag software to integrate directly into your check out process.

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Helping Virtual Events Become Unforgettable

Who we are

We are Virtual Event Hosts just like you.  We run Virtual Summits, Virtual Workshops, Virtual Masterminds, Virtual Conferences, and teach online courses.  We understand the why swag matters and how challenging it used to be.  So we decided to change it.  Combining Innovative Software into the Swag process while 100% keeping the host (you) in mind.  Now getting swag for you virtual event is quick, easy, and how you want it.

Virtual Swag Bag

Our Swag Process:

No Minimum

Why pay for 1,000 pens if you only need 100. We built our Swag platform from the ground up with the Virtual Host’s needs as the priority. So if you want to buy 1, 100 or 1,000 you can and you can do it quickly with no hassle and no frustrations. Building the perfect swag bag has never been easier

No Hassle – We Store & Ship

Other platforms make you buy all the items, stuff it yourself then mail them all out to your attendees. We will store your swag bags in our warehouses, and ship every swag bag to each individual attendee for you. Making this the easiest swag you’ve ever sent!

Swag Dashboard

Our swag dashboard lets you easily see everything. Create more than one swag bag for different events. Quickly dive into each swag bag and see or edit the items you have in the bag. Plus easily see how many bags you have in the warehouse, which ones are out in transit and which ones have been delivered along with tracking numbers.Tracking& giving swag has never been easier

No Decision Fatigue

Getting swag shouldn’t be exhausting. Other fulfillment companies give you hundreds of options for one item. Wouldn’t it be better if they just gave you the best item? That’s what we thought too. We have removed decision fatigue giving you the best and most popular items to be sent out for your virtual event. Keep it special and unique to your event, but get rid of the decision fatigue. It’s never been easier to choose your swag

Our Proprietary

Swag Software

Easy & Simple

We’ve built a proprietary s wag platform using our own custom built technology to create the easiest possible way to purchase swag for your virtual event. Create it in real time, finish it instantly and be ready to send it out right away. It’s never been easier to create and send s wag

Pay Now Or later

Using our swag platform let's you purchase the way you want. Buy it all upfront or purchase on demand. Your choice. K no w you have all the items handled . U pload multiple shipping addresses instantaneously . Ship them all out right away o r purchase the swag bag individually each time a new attendee registers for your virtual event and send it out later. Pay now, or later c hoosing how to purchase swag has never been easie


It’s the way creating swag should be. Built in an intuitive way so anyone can easily navigate the platform, create a swag bag, view previous swag bag purchases, edit it even after purchase and see where all the swag is in real time. It’s never been easier to create and send swa

Integrate Your Check Out Process

Using our proprietary integration tool you can build your perfect swag bag and plug it into your check out process. This allows you to only pay for the swag bag w hen a new attendee registers for your virtual event. Then have it automatically initiate the shipping so that the attendee gets the swag bag almost immediately. Makes it feel like you aren’t even paying for the swag and the attendee thinks you are the greatest event host ever. Creating an epic sw ag experience has never been easie


Do you have questions?

For sure! Definitely show off your brand! Your can personalize your box and certain swag items with your logo & brand.

Yep! We’ll do it for you. You insert the addresses and we ship your swag.  One address or 100 no problem. This is hassle free for you. Plus tracking numbers and updated statuses instantly available. 

Absolutely.  Any order completed 30 days prior to your event is guaranteed.  We also have special “expedited” shipping options available as needed. 

It’s easy.  Choose your event and we’ll show you the most popular (and fun) swag to choose from.  We have lots of options to create the perfect swag bag for any type of event. 

Absolutely.  Unlike typical fulfillment companies we have “real” customer support.  Shoot us an email, or hop on the phone with one of our amazing team members to get any of your questions answered.  We care about you and your event.

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