Our Mission.

Creating unforgettable experiences through physical swag for virtual events. 

Virtual Swag Bag

What makes us

Virtual Event Hosts

We have hosted 30+ Virtual Events including Virtual Summits, Virtual Conferences, Virtual Workshops, and Virtual Masterminds.  Virtual Events are a powerful way to build your community and engage your audience.  They know the “ins-and-outs” of successful Virtual Events, and know how impactful physical swag can be for hosting an unforgettable Virtual Event.

SAAS Founders

Dr. Mark T. Wade is the founder of  Virtual Summits Software, the first ever virtual summit platform making it easier than ever before to host Virtual Summits.  His proprietary technology enhanced the success of virtual summits around the world.   He understands Software As A Service, and is a genius with solving problems with software automation.  Virtual Swag Bag’s revolutionary software platform will make your Swag experience easier and more fun than ever before. 

Content Creators

WIth a combined decade of experience in content creation for online businesses we know how to provide value in the virtual world.  Content is the heart of every online businesses.  We have experience integrating multi-faceted content pieces across different platforms.  We will show you that if “Content is King”, then Swag is the ultimate over delivery.   

Our Team

Who we are

Dr. Krista Burns

Swag Content Creator

Dr. Mark T Wade

Chief Swag Officer

Shannon Sullivan

Customer Success

Virtual Swag Bag

About us

We are event hosts just like you.  We run in person conference, workshops, masterminds, and events.  We also run all these same style of events virtually.  But we knew something was missing.

Our attendees were lacking a crucial piece of the puzzle in order to create an unforgettable experience. 

We needed to bridge the gap between in person and virtual events and the number one way to do that was through physical swag. 


The only problem is every time we got motivated to get some, we always ended up frustrated and demoralized.

We would spend hours trying to find the perfect swag but it was almost impossible as we looked through sites with hundreds of thousands of options, and most of them being duplicates of the same thing. Like 300 different styles coffee mugs.  Then if we found two items we liked they would each have high minimums and usually different numbers.

Meaning we would be stuck with a lot of extra things we didn’t want.The customization process was painstaking, and we could never just buy something.

We always had to hop on a consultation with someone.But why. Why is it like this. And that’s when we realized all of these other physical product fulfillment companies are focused on taking care of the fulfiller and the product supplier.

They want to squeeze every penny out of us so they make it impossible to purchase the way we want to. Finally enough was enough.

Taking our combined experience having hosted many virtual events, (Seriously like a lot.  35 virtual summits, 1 virtual conference, 2 virtual masterminds, and 4 virtual workshops) we said we can fix this.And that is when Virtual Swag Bag was born. Physical Swag For Your Virtual Events.

Focused 100% on the virtual event hosts. No minimums. No decision fatigue. Buy how you want and feel like the super star you are.We are proud to release this vision to the virtual events world. We know it’s going to change how event hosts purchase swag forever.  In a good way!

Take a look around and be sure to stop by our group Viral Summits and say hello!

Meet The Founders

Dr. Mark Wade

Chief Swag Officer

After receiving two doctorates and building one of the most successful posture correction clinic in the world Dr. Mark decided to create an online institute. (American Posture Institute founded with Dr. Krista).  In the process of getting the online institute up and running Dr. Mark learned about the magic of Virtual Summits.  (this was way back before anyone was running them).  

Using lots virtual summits to build the online institute into multi million dollar business, he decided to jump into the world of SAAS, (Software As A Service) building the first ever platform for summits, called Virtual Summits Software.

Fast forward 4 years and he is now considered the leading expert on all things virtual summits, hosting the top rated Virtual Summit Podcast, creator of the One-Day Summit, host of the in person conference Summit Fest Live, creator of Summit Scripts, host of Summit Talks and CEO of Viral Summits Concierge (a done for you summit service).

He has consulted for some of the top brands, businesses and entrepreneurs in the world to help them create their virtual events.

With more success and experience in virtual events than almost anyone else on the planet Dr. Mark realized the need to add a physical experience to a virtual event.  Together with the genius mind of Dr. Krista they are helping make this dream become a reality.

Dr. Krista Burns

Swag Content Creator

Dr. Krista Burns is the founder of the American Posture Institute, author of the textbook The Posture Principles, and TEDx Speaker. Dr. Krista has two doctorate degrees and is leading the Posture Online Education industry.  She has been featured on Fox News Radio, Global Woman Magazine.  An international lecturer, Dr. Krista has spoken at Universities and professional organizations in 12 countries, across 4 continents. 

She ha and has spoken on prestigious stages such as World Neurology and Posture Congresses.  

Dr. Krista is the Host of the International Posture Symposium Virtual Conference, The Virtual Neurology Summit, The Virtual Ergonomics Summit, and the Chiropractic Pediatrics Virtual Summit. 

She has hosted more than 15 successful summits, performed over 1000 interviews, and has run a successful online institute company for over 6 years.  Her passion for online education shines through her robust content creation, revolutionary online courses, and successful virtual events.  

With an unprecedented amount of experience providing exceptional virtual events, Dr. Krista knows what virtual event hosts need for their virtual events.  She has been in your same situation.  She has tried many times to purchase Physical Swag for her Virtual Events and every time ended up frustrated, demoralized and unable to obtain what she needed. 

Her experience is crucial in helping craft the perfect experience for virtual event hosts to quickly and easily create the optimal swag bag for your event.  And Dr. Krista continues to create trainings and how to guides for virtual event hosts showing them how they can maximize results and optimize conversions using physical swag. 

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